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Exporting guns from the UK

To export guns from the UK to another country, contact that country's embassy in London or its Customs & Excise department.

Firearms and ammunition exported to the USA are subject to restrictions and import permits approved by the US's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Applications to import may be made only by or through a licensed importer, dealer, or manufacturer. Weapons, ammunition, or other devices prohibited by the National Firearms Act will not be admitted into the United States unless specifically authorized by ATF.

No import permit is required when it is proven that the firearms or ammunition were previously taken out of the United States by the person who is returning with such firearms or ammunition. To facilitate reentry, persons may have them registered before departing from the United States at any Customs office or ATF field office. Exports from the USA are subject to the export licensing requirements of the Office of Defense Trade Controls, Department of State, Washington, D.C. 20520, (703) 875-6644.

For further information on imports, contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Department of the Treasury, Washington, D.C. 20226. Tel: (202) 927-8320.

Residents of the United States carrying firearms or ammunition with them to other countries should consult in advance the Customs officials or the respective embassies of those countries as to their regulations.

If you want to move firearms around Europe, there is a European Union Directive (Council Directive 91/477/EEC of 18 June 1991) on the control of the acquisition and possession of weapons. It announced a pass, intended to facilitate the free movement of hunters and marksmen in the Community.

According to this directive:
A European firearms pass is issued by the authorities of a member state to any person lawfully entering into possession of and using a firearm.
The pass must always be in the possession of the person using the firearm or firearms listed on it.
The arrangements for the acquisition and possession of ammunition shall be the same as those for the possession of the firearms for which it is intended.

Firearms Courier Services

PDQ Freight
Unit 4
Court 1
Bedfont Industrial Park
Challenge Road
Middlesex TW15 1AX
Tel: (01784) 243695
(+44 17 84 24 36 95 from outside the UK)
Fax: (01784) 242237
(+44 17 84 24 22 37 from outside the UK)
Contact Colin Vincent
Prices at around £160 (US$250) from UK to USA; £200 (A$500) from UK to Australia
  Bunduki Travel
Rhone Cottage
Rusper Road
West Sussex RH12 4PZ
Tel: (01293) 871453
(+44 12 93 87 14 53 from outside the UK)
Fax: (01293) 871379
(+44 12 93 87 13 79 from outside the UK)
Member of: British Association for Shooting & Conservation
Firearms courier service and gunmaker (Ronald Wharton Riflemakers)
Contact Ronald Wharton
Michael Miller Arms & Armour
West Sussex, UK
Tel: (01273) 834567
(+44 12 73 83 45 67 from outside the UK)
Fax: (01273) 835632
(+44 12 73 83 56 32 from outside the UK)
  Frederick Grote & Company
World Freight Group Ltd
Unit 3,
Coronation Road
Stony Stratford
Milton Keynes
MK11 1JJ
Tel: (01908) 563312/562849
Mobile: 07785 268040
Fax: (01908) 567241
Collectors, sporting rifles and shotguns, import and export of firearms
Member: Gun Trade Association, British Sporting Rifle Club
Registered office:
Hunter House,
Hutton Road,
CM15 8NL
  Harold K Gordon (Firearms)
based in Essex
Tel:01268 685414
Mobile: 07956 385151
30 years experience of transportation/import/export of all ftypes of firearm to all continents
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